Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Wedding

Well here are some pictures from yesterday's wedding. Firstly, Matilda "twirling" in her dress!!

And a photo of me with the bride in my homemade dress (you can't really see it - waiting on copies of pics from other family and friends). You'll notice that my eyes are shockingly blue - think it was the dress colour. I have never found the Clark Kent / Superman story very believable until yesterday when most people didn't recognise me with my hair done, no glasses and make-up!! No sure whether to take it as a compliment or not.
Also, can't help but share the picture of Matilda this morning wandering around the house in her pyjamas, my shoes and swinging her "handbag" (known my most as a potato masher)!

1 comment:

Jo in TAS said...

Matilda looks like such a little lady in her pretty dress but then the real Matilda shows in the high heels and the handbag with holes in it!!
and Wow, you look so different all dolled up, can't wait to see picks of the dress!