Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Sheet FQ Swap - It's Official!!

After my last post there were at least 12 people who seemed interested in a Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap - so let's just do it! The swap will happen in July - you'll need to have your FQ's in the post by Friday 2 July 2010 and I'll try and have them winging their way back to you by 23 July 2010. You can sign up for the swap (by leaving a comment on this post - including an email address so I can contact you) anytime until 30 June 2010 - as long as you are aware of the impending deadline! If you sign up and want to add a button - use the picture below and link to this post!
  1. Swap is for Australian residents only. This is to try and minimise postage costs, shipping time and also make organising the swap much easier for me!

  2. We'll be swapping METRIC fat quarters which measures 50cm x 56cm (or about 20" x 22").

  3. Mailing will only be done using pre-paid Parcel Post Satchels from Australia Post. These pre-paid satchels come in two sizes - 500g (for $5.70) and 3kg (for $9.90). Once you've worked out how many fat quarters you want to swap go to the post office and buy TWO parcel post satchels - one to post the fat quarters to me and one you'll self-address (and put into the other satchel) to allow me to return your new vintage sheet loveliness to you!

  4. You can choose how many fat quarters you wish to sent and therefore receive. I think you'll be able to fit up to 15 fat quarters into a 500g satchel and heaps more than that in a 3kg satchel (but please check your weight - I just weighed random FQ's at home to come up with this).

  5. As far as the quality of the sheets themselves, please only send what you would like to receive. That's why we're swapping fat quarters and not whole sheets! It's fine for you to send several fat quarters from the same sheet. Please send only cotton or cotton blends. Avoid anything that's overly 80's, has cartoon characters etc. Also avoid sending solids or neutrals.

  6. Please wash the sheets prior to cutting and sending them.

  7. If you send sheets I deem to be "unacceptable" (i.e. one that is stained, torn or overly worn) I will send it back to you. This may seem harsh but it's unfair on other swappers who spent time inspecting their sheets and who sent only "nice" fat quarters.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Sheet Swap - Anyone?

OK, so I've been away from here for a while - but I have excuses.

I've been to my sister-in-law's wedding in Hawaii.

I've also been busy writing a traffic engineering assignment on all sorts of dull policy and planning type stuff.

I've had tonsillitis, again.

But apart from all this, I have noticed there is a Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap happening but it's for US residents only (which made me a bit sad). And then I thought, "perhaps I could organise a swap for Australian residents only". Would anyone be interested? It'd have to happen in July since that's when I have my break from study. If you're interested, just leave a comment and maybe if you think your blog-followers may be interested you could pop something on your blog too!

If this goes ahead I think I'll have to make one of these (thanks to Rita at Red Pepper Quilts for the ongoing inspiration)...

There has been little crafting happening at my place and I'm desperately missing it! Bring on 2011.