Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spontaneous Sunday Snow Trip

One of the good things about living in Hobart in the winter is you can take a spontaneous trip to the snow.

Within 30 minutes of leaving the house we were trudging about on the top of Mt Wellington!

We timed our arrival perfectly - no queues up the mountain, no waiting for parking, not too many people at the top, space to enjoy the snow and the views.  I think it was partly because we left home reasonably early and because it was the second weekend with snow on the mountain so the hoards had visited last weekend!

Trev had the forethought to throw the boogie board into the car before heading off and the kids enjoyed scooting around with their dad.

There has also been a lot of bike riding this weekend after finding training wheels and properly fitting helmets for both the kids.  Needless to say there have been early nights and sound sleep from our little ones this weekend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Revamp

After nearly 3 years of the same blog look I've decided to give it a bit of a revamp!  What do you think?
Cheesy grins all around!
It was time to tart things up a bit around here since I have a couple of real-life friends recently start blogging - I have to keep up appearances (not really, there's no such thing as keeping up appearances when you're in our Mum's Group)!!  If you haven't already you must check out the blogs of two of my favourite people - Sarah at Oesch & Doots and Kirstan at From Z to A!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Matching Beanies!

We went to Canberra for the weekend.
Pretty good family self-portrait taken at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
I madly knitted us all matching beanies in the lead-up (using Patons Jet and an altered Roll-brimmed Beanie by Amanda Keeys - ravelled here, here, here and here). 
Family self-portrait with silly faces!
 We wore them most of the weekend.
Family self-portrait with angry faces!
Yes, we're dorks!!