Monday, February 4, 2013

Washi Tape School Desk Upcycle

I saw a picture in Mollie Makes magazine over the Christmas holidays of a washi wrapped dining table and it was the inspiration for a desk for Matilda.

First a trip to the tip shop for an old school desk (with the lift up lid and storage underneath). I was expecting to have to hunt for one of these but the op shopping Gods were smiling on me and $5 later we had the bones of a desk! Not pretty but perfect at the same time.

Two cans of white spray paint from the hardware store (about $8) and the grey and rust disappeared. I'm thankful the original desk was a pale colour because my spray painting skills leave much to be desired!!

I was hoping to just washi wrap the original desk top but the one we had was warped and grotty. A small sheet of MDF (about $25) and some nifty routering from the Mr and we had a new desktop. It was better in the end as the washi tape is transparent and the bright blue top would have looked bad.

Then I attacked the top with a box of washi tape that I'd had in the craft room since last Christmas and not used. I copied the colour sequence on the packaging and just wrapped the desk top - and I love it. I used a MT Light Pastels 10 Tape Box Set that I bought from Notemaker. Also available on Etsy. I have about half the tape left on each roll so could probably do another one!

Once I'd wrapped the whole desk I just cut around the pencil groove with a blade and screwed the top back onto the desk.

It's back to school for Matilda on Tuesday and her own desk should be good incentive to practice her writing!