Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vintage Sheet FQ Swappers?

Just checking that everyone who's signed up has received an email from me with the posting details. I sent it out last week but it seems that a few people have fallen through the cracks that make up my life!!

Also, it's not too late to sign up - just have to have your stuff in the mail on Friday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Harvest!

Look what we grew (it's beetroot)!
Look what we made (it's soup)!

Yummy (and a bit messy). Recipe here - recommended!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's a 4 year old living at my place now!

Matilda had her birthday today! It was perfect weather for a winter party at the local 'sandy' playground.

She picked out a cake (which I made - thanks to the local French patisserie which hire out cake tins),

She and her friends played pass the parcel, and ate lots of party food (and Kelvin helped)!
The highlight of the party for her was the treasure hunt we'd organised - especially for pre-school kids that can't read yet! It involved photos and some helpful adults and lots of running about by the kids.

The highlight for Trev's uncle was the semi-naked lady leaping from the cake draped in nothing but a ribbon!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful, strong willed girl, who knows her mind and stands her ground!!

Looking forward to a long weekend Monday and perhaps some crafting too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weirdo Photographs Linen Drying!

That's what my new neighbour must be thinking!!

Who hangs their washing on the line and then gets their camera out of their pocket to photograph it?
(sheets and some great fabric finds from Spotlight - Monaluna, Riley Blake, etc. Who'd've thought!)
Only a blogger!!

(latest op-shop sheets - ready for a swap!)

Thought some of you might be interested to see some of my latest vintage sheet finds - just in time for the Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap (and it's not too late to join in if you're interested - click here).

I'm dreaming about sitting at my sewing machine and there is a window of opportunity opening up! My exam is tomorrow, Matilda's birthday is on Sunday and after that my evenings will be all about sewing and crafting and being creative. I can't wait (for both the exam to be over and the sewing to begin).

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kate's 8 Questions

So I have been following Kate over at Fox's Lane for quite a while now. What she writes resonates with me. She's one of those amazing ladies who creates beautiful things whilst raising three girls, living (and working) on a farm!

So, instead of studying for my exam next week I'm procrastinating and will answer Kate's Eight!

1/ Favourite meal to eat?
Anything I haven't had to cook myself! I love Italian food (best if cooked and consumed in Italy); licorice icecream; Grandma's lamb roasts as a birthday tea (accompanied by an iced sponge cake with jam in the middle); Sunday morning pancakes with my little family.
2/ Do you have a quirky eccentricity?
I can't whistle or click my fingers! I didn't want to know the gender of my babies because I don't really like pink and wanted to stay in denial about how pink life can get when a little girl joins your family!!
3/ My middle name is Jane. My mum wanted to call me that as a first name. I'm glad my dad overruled because I don't fancy being plain Jane! My daughter also has Jane as a middle name (because it seemed to match).
4/ I am passionate about all sorts of things! But I seem to be passionate about my latest 'thing'. When I craft I get obsessive about finding about all I can on materials, techniques, chat rooms / blogs etc. When I work I get passionate about my latest project - like car parking (at the moment) although I also feel the need to "move on" with my passion after a few years (like I'm ready to get passionate about local area traffic management and sustainable transport planning - sad, I know)!
5/ Thongs or Birkenstocks? Neither - I'm more of a Blundstone girl! I put it down to being an engineer and not wanting to own an impractial footwear!!
6/ Who was I before I had kids? Pretty much what I am now (except uninterupted)!! I studied Civil Engineering at university, have been involved in building highways (and No, I was NOT work for the dole - I have a degree!!), designing highways and planning highways. I have lived and worked and travelled overseas. I have always need to create, even though my mum thinks I'm genetically-modified because she doesn't seem to have the 'passion to create' gene - she plays hockey instead!!
7/ Have I ever been arrested? No. Perhaps I could be plain Jane...
8/ This weekend I will be studying (and procrastinating) for an exam next Friday. I am nearly finished my Masters in Traffic Engineering - this is my penultimate subject and I'll be done by the end of this year. Be warned - 2011 will be the year of crafting for me!!