Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's a 4 year old living at my place now!

Matilda had her birthday today! It was perfect weather for a winter party at the local 'sandy' playground.

She picked out a cake (which I made - thanks to the local French patisserie which hire out cake tins),

She and her friends played pass the parcel, and ate lots of party food (and Kelvin helped)!
The highlight of the party for her was the treasure hunt we'd organised - especially for pre-school kids that can't read yet! It involved photos and some helpful adults and lots of running about by the kids.

The highlight for Trev's uncle was the semi-naked lady leaping from the cake draped in nothing but a ribbon!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful, strong willed girl, who knows her mind and stands her ground!!

Looking forward to a long weekend Monday and perhaps some crafting too.


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Happy birthday Matilda!!

Jo in TAS said...

Oh she's growing up fast! Happy Birthday matilda!
PS No Pure fabric at this show :-(
Maybe Melbourne, later in the year.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Matilda!
Awesome cake Ange, you can tell it was yummy by how much was left!

beck said...

Wow, look at your big girl! woo hoo! Happy Birthday to your sweetie xo