Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Vintage Linen Project Ideas

I've just been browsing over at Oh, Fransson! and found this fabulous tutorial for a quilt she's made using thrifted pillowcases.
Still plenty of time to sign up for the Australian Vintage Sheet FQ Swap if you'd like!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Buying Books Online

I just bought Baby Beanies, by Amanda Keeys after falling in love with the copy I'd borrowed from the library.

I did it online - at The Huggies Bookclub. If you join the bookclub (which is free), you get a 10% discount on all books and postage is also free! I ordered Baby Beanies as a special order and they got back to me within 4 hours of my email with all the details I needed. I have ordered through these guys before and have been very, very happy with their service and range and it means I don't have to drag the kids into town to buy books (and try to explain the difference between a bookstore and the library)!! And I have no affiliation with Huggies - I just really like their bookclub!
Also, my friend Jo just dropped in a shopping bag full of fabulous retro linen she'd bought from an elderly neighbour who was moving into a home. Some lovely greens, spots and florals - all ready for the Vintage Sheet FQ Swap!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What are you making with Vintage Sheets?

I've just been checking out the blogs of people who have signed up for the Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap and OH MY GOODNESS, there are some mighty talented people out there making some fabulous things from vintage sheets.

Have a look at this great quilt that Melissa has made using vintage sheets and some Amy Butler Love (and she's new to blogging too so might appreciate some visitors)...

...and this bunting over at Collecting Feathers (the "I" is some vintage boy sheeting).

And I found these vintage sheet inspirations after only visiting about 5 blogs (and there are more than 20 people signed up for the swap) - what will I discover once I've visited them all!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lovely Autumn Sunday!

Don't forget about the vintage sheet fat quarter swap - click here if you're interested!


It's May. The weather is windy and a bit sun-showery but we rugged up and went to the local park anyway and took the beach cricket set and some balls.

Cricket was unsuccessful but it was great fun wacking the ball with the wickets...
...or just chasing the windswept ball around the park...
...or contemplating great things whilst climbing the stairs to have a slide...
...or disobeying instructions and climbing up the slide rather than sliding down!

It was great fun. But now I'm studying and a bit bored with it. Why did I decide to do this? What was I thinking!! I'd much prefer to be sewing.
BTW: Matilda is wearing a beanie sewn by mum and a skirt I refashioned from an old t-shirt (not before seen on my blog!) and an outfit entirely selected by her father!!