Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tonsilitis Again

It's been a while since I've posted but I am just emerging from another bout of tonsilitis, my third in the past 3 months. I've still got a sore throat after 5 days on antibiotics and spent yesterday morning in the local A&E with a racing heart and mild dehydration (felt a bit like a drama queen because once I'd had some IV fluids I perked up alot).

So if anyone has any family secrets for keeping tonsilitis away then please let me know, because I don't want to get it again since the tonsils will likely be whipped out quick smart (which would not be my preference).

Have just started checking out the blogs I follow and may take some time to catch up. I'm not planning on going to work tomorrow as I'm still struggling to talk but feeling guilty about it after all the publicity imploring Australians to not "throw a sickie" tomorrow and tomorrow is my birthday too and people will think I'm just trying to avoid providing cakes! Oh well, I need to get better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Turkey Roast a.k.a. Belated Christmas Lunch

We had a Turkey Roast lunch today (a belated Christmas gathering for Trev's family).
There were even presents still to be opened!
We gave the aunties and uncles and childcarers these great Biscuits in a Jar - they were a hit all 'round (except that one couple had already received the same gift from a sister-in-law on the other side of their family - who'd have thought).

I can highly recommend these as an easy gift for teachers, carers or anyone really and the kids can help to make them (if you can stop them from eating the white choc bits!).

I'm thinking of making some of these biscuits using dried apricots and milk choc bits - 'cause I think it would be a good combination!!

A Little Bit of Switzerland in Northern Tasmania

We've just spent three nights away at The Tamar Valley Resort at Grindelwald (north of Launceston). It was lovely!

We paddled on the lake...

Learnt about icecream...

Went swimming...

Rode the layback bike...

Jumped on the bouncy pillow...

And even enjoyed a relaxed dinner without kids at Mud at the Seaport (yum, yum, yum - who would have thought licorice pannacotta would be so delicious).

Our new nephew was down from Melbourne with his parents and Trev's mum was there too so we enjoyed a lovely family holiday together (although it will be remembered as the holiday of the missing keys).