Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tonsilitis Again

It's been a while since I've posted but I am just emerging from another bout of tonsilitis, my third in the past 3 months. I've still got a sore throat after 5 days on antibiotics and spent yesterday morning in the local A&E with a racing heart and mild dehydration (felt a bit like a drama queen because once I'd had some IV fluids I perked up alot).

So if anyone has any family secrets for keeping tonsilitis away then please let me know, because I don't want to get it again since the tonsils will likely be whipped out quick smart (which would not be my preference).

Have just started checking out the blogs I follow and may take some time to catch up. I'm not planning on going to work tomorrow as I'm still struggling to talk but feeling guilty about it after all the publicity imploring Australians to not "throw a sickie" tomorrow and tomorrow is my birthday too and people will think I'm just trying to avoid providing cakes! Oh well, I need to get better.


Kate said...

Oh feel better soon you poor thing. I have no tonsilitis remedies but I do want to remind you to take acidophilus after you finish your antibiotics. I forgot recently and boy was that a mistake.
I hope you have the most wonerful birthday tomorrow!

dillpickle said...

Get better quickly! Tonsillitis is no fun at all. I don't have any quick fix remedies unfortunately, but I think taking tomorrow off is very wise. I hope that you find the energy to enjoy your birthday even a little bit! xx

beccasauras said...

There are no quick remedy fixes, but get yourself to the ENT and GET THEM OUT! I'm on a waiting list at 35, the thought of surgery and pain after is nothing to me compared to tonsillitis. I get it often, too, life is too short!! I can't wait for my letter to say i'm in (have to go on a year long waiting list, it'll be worth it!)

Jo in TAS said...

Hi Ange,
Hope you're feeling better soon. I haven't had tonsilitis in years (touch wood). I don't have any remedies either. I'm sure the boys will understand you having today off. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Marita said...

Hope you're feeling better, no cure from me either, mine are long gone. The media did make a bit of a song and dance about the whole sickie/long weekend...Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Kate said...

Ouch, hope you are better now. I know it is not your preference, but I had mine out when I was nine after years of nearly continual tonsillitis and it was excellent. It really was the best treatment.

Corrie said...

oh no I hope you're better now! I used to get it a bit when I was at uni and was on anti biotics! I just remember being off food but drinking cordial like it was water! non stop to keep drinking!

hope you don't get it again!