Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All is Quiet on the Home Front

I have finally found a worthy recipient of this jumper that I knitted for Matilda a couple of years ago but by the time she fitted into it it was the wrong season...
...so it has gone to be worn and loved by Raya and her Mum.

I am planning on knitting Kelvin one too, using these colours...

I also found something suitable for the Easter Bunny to bring Kelvin - but he needed an egg which I whipped up last night out of some polar fleece. You've got to love an Easter Crocodile!

I also have got a bit closer to finishing my quilt top and DH has requested that I make him a quilt from his old but loved t-shirts so that's next on my list (after I make him a couple of pairs of sleep shorts).

I popped into The Quilted Crow today, just to check them out - it was like Leonie was running a strip club (so many 1-inch strips being cut up for their mini quilt-along)!

Oh, if only time and funding was unlimited!


Jo in TAS said...

Maybe you should join us at the QC's gathering in May!

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

cute jumper!!