Sunday, June 21, 2009

Acquisitions & Back to Work

I'm back to work tomorrow after 9 months at home with Kelvin (and Matilda). I'm looking forward to it and look forward to drink a cuppa while it's still hot (probably with Jo) and going to the toilet when the urge strikes (and going by myself)! I needed some new clothes for work so that was my project for last week - clothes shopping, which I detest. I managed to find some great stuff and am happy about my new work wardrobe.

I have been reading the Wardrobe Refashion blog of late but can't quite bring myself to sign up just yet - especially since I will be having my lunch hours free to wander the shops and have precious little time to sew. But I do find myself looking at my existing wardrobe differently and have found myself wandering around Op Shops more than I used to. I bought some stuff during the week...

From left to right (top then bottom) - a doona cover and pillow cases (to be resized for a single bed), some pretty girly fabric (envisage a floaty empire-ish summer dress for Matilda), some very bright floral fabric (no plan in mind), a pillowcase with fun tropical fabric (maybe a summer top for me or a shirt for Kelvin), a cute vintage sheet in pink and green (not sure about it's final reincarnation), a couple of fabrics that I just liked (wil no plans) and some stripey trousers (to be restyled as trousers for Matilda and maybe a skirt too). Not sure how successful I'll be in achieveing these things but I can always dream!

Also, my jelly roll arrived from QuiltQua - some lovely primary colours so I'll have to decide on what they will become. This was a giveaway win -lucky me!

I'd recommend you head over to QuiltQua to check out their site - they have a great giveaway's page!

We've also been visiting family on the North West Coast. We spent an afternoon at Tasmazia with my Grandma. I managed to snap this cute picture of Matilda and Trev - Tilds is wearing my scarf and her new birthday coat, a very stylish child!


Jo in TAS said...

Yey! See you soon

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

I laughed very hard at your excitement about toilet trips :-) Good luck on leaving the bubs and heading into the big scary world!! xx