Monday, November 9, 2009

Hotter than Sydney!

It was 28 degrees yesterday in Hobart (and forecast for 30 today) - hotter than Sydney!! So the kids had their first go in the paddling pool for the year.
Kelvin was loving it...
...and then decided he'd try to fit into that saucepan - unlikely given those thighs!!
I'm home sick today with the sorest of sore sore throats (can barely swallow) so an email from Amy at Badskirt was a lovely surprise - I won her pre-Japan fat quarters giveaway!! I've only just received some fabric that I bought from Amy. I'm loving the Cogsmo and the duckies are very cute.
I've also been op-shopping again and found some more fabulous vintage linen - thinking pillowcase dresses and lounge pants (aka pyjama bottoms).


Jo in TAS said...

Hi Ange,
Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm in my new seat, just eating lunch, far too hot for a walk today.

humel said...

So cute :-) It's funny to hear you talk about the heat, it's turned really cold over here!

Congrats on your win, too :-) Hope you're feeling better soon x

Kate said...

That little Kelvin is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It's going to be 38 tomorrow and I might have to squeeze into our clam shell pool.

Becky said...

I am going to have to buy a clam for the small people this year :)

Your linen finds are too good, perfect for little dresses!