Friday, November 5, 2010

Photos by the Kids

Matilda has a kids camera and I've just downloaded the pictures and there were a few that I thought would make some prefect animations (now that I know how, and it's slightly addictive)!

gif animation creator
You can join in here!


one yellow jumpsuit. said...

That's adorable and it is addictive, isn't it. It's so much fun.

Kate said...

That is ace!
My kids all have their own cameras too.
Next thing you know they'll all want their own blog.
Also Ange, I keep forgetting about this swap. Do you still wanna go ahead?
have a happy weekend. X

Sarah said...

that's cute! I must try an animation...

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

I wonder what emma will photograph when she's old enough to take pictures?

this animation is fun
thanks for joining in this week

Tania said...

I so hope that there wasn't a Funniest Home Videos style ending(?)