Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogtoberfest - Day 25 - Stacked Coin Quilted!!

Yay, I've done it! I've conquered my apprehension of quilting by doing straight lines on my stacked coin cot quilt.

I've got the binding joined and ironed and will try sewing that on tonight once the kids are in bed.
Also, Matilda and Trev went off for a bike ride this morning - I love this picture of them, Matilda looks very happy to be on her way!


Tanya said...

and very impressive and neat looking straigth lines they are too!

humel said...

Hooray, well done :-) It looks great!

katevet said...

it looks so good! well done!

katevet (at) gmail (dot) com

Kelly said...

Gorgeous! Love how you quilted it!

Sarah said...

I was just thinking of you today Ange! I havent dropped in for a while..... my blog list is HUGE, but I am getting there!
And, by the looks of things I have missed HEAPS! Your Coin quilt is looking great, really great! I look forward to seeing it with the binding on!
x Sarah

dillpickle said...

I am seriously impressed by that quilting! I quilted my first quilt a couple of months ago - just a few less lines than you've managed ;-) How are you going with the binding? It took me a good couple of weeks to get mine finally finished, but I sewed it onto the back by hand (and I'm really slow at hand sewing!).

Great work.