Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogtoberfest - Day 26 - Odd Jobs!

I have just walked the 250m from my office building to another meeting down the road.

I walked past some maintenance guys who specialise in fixing shopping trolleys - and low and behold they were banging away at some shopping trollies (replacing handles, making sure at least one wheel is mis-aligned, etc, etc). This isn't really a strange job - it's more that I'd never really thought about it before, someone has to fix those trolleys.
And then, a bit further on I saw a women with her backpack on her front, balancing a carton of milk on her head. What the?

Oh well, it keeps life interesting.

There are other jobs I've often thought would be great to be able to write on those forms that ask for your occupation. Like rodeo clown, or sock designer (like this lovely lady). How does a person end up doing these things?
Please share any odd jobs with me - I like to delve into the unusual occupations from time to time!


Lulu said...

I'd never thought about shopping trolleys either. My late grandfather once had a job as a sanitary cart driver. We called it the 'shit run'. LOL

humel said...

I think 'mother' is probably the strangest job in the world lol... Think of all the roles wrapped up in that one little job description:
Personal shopper
Interior decorator
General dogsbody
Known as 'Mum' for short...!