Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crap Cake made by Crap Wife!

It was Trev's birthday on Tuesday and I'd promised to make him a Czech Honey Cake. We discovered this delicious cake in 2004 whilst touring around Europe and haven't come across anything similar since.

Thanks to a google search I was able to discover that it's called Medovnik and seems to be an eastern European thing because some claim it to be Russian Honey Cake or even Polish Honey Cake. Anyway, I ended up settling for a recipe from here and forging ahead!
It was time consuming. Make the honey biscuit layers, let them cool, make the filling and refrigerate until it sets (which never happened), cut the bisuits and make the cake then leave it to go soggy for a couple of days before eating.
And the Crap Cake / Crap Wife title is because I kept forgetting I was making the cake. Trev kept having to remind me "What are you going to do with these huge biscuits you've left lying around the kitchen?" , "What's this sour cream stuff doing in the fridge?", etc, etc.
Anyway, the sour cream filling was ultra runny so the cake kept leaning perilously to one side and most of the sour cream ended up running off the plate and all over the kitchen benches. And the recipe asked for 1 litre of sour cream but I was struggling to try and keep a third of that in the cake!
Anyway, we ate it on Tuesday and it was pretty yummy even if it didn't look very pretty. I found another recipe for this cake that has a condensed milk and honey filling so I might try that one next time (if there ever is a next time!).
Happy Birthday Trev!


Sarah said...

That cake looks hilarious Ange! And I think a crap cake is far more memorable than a lovely cake. If you haven't already, check out this very funny blog:

Jennie said...

Served on a glistening bed of tin foil! You've made me laugh, which is very uncomfortale as I've got a full-sized baby squishing my insides.

Rosie said...

Crap Cake! I love the name. Anyone can make a good cake, it takes s special someone to make a crap one. Well done!

Melinda said...

I love warts-and-all blog posts! My efforts with internet recipes is pretty hit and miss too, nature of the beast I guess.

humel said...

Hey, it looks pretty good to me - and if it tasted good, that counts as a success, right? :-)

Belated birthday wishes to Trev! xx

pinkbeam said...

I think you cam order a Medovnik cake or something similar at Leo's in Eastlands