Sunday, September 12, 2010

Salmon Ponds

With the days getting longer the kids are up and about a bit earlier and we feel like getting out into it again with the warmer weather. So on Saturday we decided on a trip up to the Salmon Ponds about 1/2 hour away from home.

We stopped by the cemetary on the way there - to visit family members gone but not forgotten. But it raised lots of questions from the 4 year old girl. How do they dig the holes? Why do they put those concretes (a gravestone) on top? What happens to the person? When will I die? etc. etc. We had a full and frank discussion about it all and she and her brother happily skipped back to the car, playing hopscotch on the gravestones!!
The Salmon Ponds were fabulous and not very busy for a school holidays weekend. We bought ourselves a tub of fish food and threw it into the water and were promptly splashed by the enthusiastically eating rainbow trout!
Matilda loved it...
Kelvin was very wary (which was quite a surprise to me)!
Whilst walking along the riverbank there were some interpretation panels about platypus that visit the area. I explained it to Matilda who then turned to Trev and said "platypisses are very shy"!
We decided to stay for pancakes by the pond before heading home.

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Sarah said...

oh joy, the death questions! Actually they have died down (so to speak) around here of late but Ina was hammering me with all things funereal for a while there!

A lovely day for the Salmon Ponds - I love the picture of Tilds feeding the fish on the gate! The girl's got such a cheeky sense of humour.