Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carousel Party Invitations - OTT!

So Matilda will soon be celebrating her 5th Birthday - my word how time has flown.

Anyway, we've decided to tempt fate and plan for and outside party at the Botanical Gardens including a carousel ride on the Gallopers Carousel - believed to be the second oldest steam powered carousel in existence!

And in typical over-the-top-I-can-make-that style I have made invitations for the party with assistance from the birthday girl.

We cut paper, we stuck paper, we cut flags from the scraps and stuck those, we've licked envelopes and found stamps and hope that not too many people will be away for the school holidays!

All paper is by Cristina Re (from Officeworks) and the font used on the invite is Boopee.  The horse was a freebie off the internet with a black line drawn through the middle!

Now to stop procrastinating and finish my wretched thesis before next Monday.


Sarah said...

They look great! Well done!

That is a great idea as well.

I will hope for good weather as well... so far it has been brilliant.

Jessica said...

Those are so cute! My daughter just had a carousel birthday, but I'd won a gift card to Snapfish so I took the easy way out and ordered some invites :)

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What gorgeous invitations, I love the stripey paper :)

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Gorgeous invites - well done!! You know I love anything party related!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous and colourful - I love the horse with the line drawn through the middle - genius touch!