Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Counting Down

Well today marks three calendar months to go until our #3 baby is due to arrive - the day after Trev's birthday and the same week as my mother-in-law turns 60.  So I'm sincerely hoping that this little one arrives a bit late - like both his siblings did.

And yes, I did say "his" because we found out some time ago that we're having another boy.  Kelvin is happy to have a brother and Matilda doesn't mind, since Kelvin is OK and another one like him would be alright!

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We didn't find out the gender with the other two kids but this time around I have been feeling like doing the complete opposite of nesting and really want to declutter cupboards and get rid of outgrown clothing and toys.  Knowing that this little one will not be requiring "pink or frilly" means that plenty of space will be gained through the donation of 4 years worth of "pink and frilly" to the new niece.

However, this 3 month milestone also has me thinking we need to get the cot back at our place, find where all the 000 growsuits and singlets are and think about how and where we're going to house this little man!
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Amanda said...

A boy! Life is about to get much more noisier, messier and rambunctious!

Maggie said...

Boys rock! I think it's fun to know. We aren't pregnant again, but I have it on good authority we'll be having another boy too.

RuthiV said...

Congrats Ange! I am also preggo, due today actually but so far little bun is staying in the oven...
I guess it will happen when it happens ;D

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...

Oh wow, a big congrats!!

I love boys, I have one baby, and he's a boy, so I am incredibly biased, but nonetheless, enjoy him!

I can't wait to see you welcome your new arrival into the world :)

Congrats again xx