Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oliver+S Hat Love

We were given a beautiful hat for Liam, made by our dear friend Sarah.  She blogged about it here.
Doots modelling the hat - I still need to get a picture of this on our boy!
It was from the Oliver+S book Little Things to Sew.  It inspired me to make new hats for the big kids for the summer.

I was in Spotlight on the weekend and this linen fabric with retro bikes was willing me to buy it and make a hat for Kelvin - so I did!
He loves it.
So do I!!


Sarah said...

it looks perfect ange, and I can't believe you found that lovely linen at spotty! Kelvo's brim looks much wider - is that just a bigger size thing? Liam's was, admittedly, the teeny tiny size. I will have to make one for Griff.

Sally said...

Beautiful hat. Love that fabric. Great score indeedy.

Sarah said...

Wel done for making and finishing with three busy ones!

Love his smile!

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that is really nice!:)

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