Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BlogtoberREST = LifeFEST

Wow, where has October gone!  My baby is nearly 6 weeks old, I now live with a 3 year old and there has been much thinking about projects (and reading crafty-type books whilst breastfeeding) - if only I didn't waste so much time waiting for the baby to wake up!!

Some photos from our October...

A family of five (sans the dog).

And a pirate family (sans the baby)

Ahoy-me-hearties - it's Pirate Liam!

The pirate galleon cake (thanks to the new Woman's Weekly Birthday Cake Book)

And Liam at one month (we did this with Kelvin too, here he is at the same age)
The first Irish Dancing competition!
I've also managed to squeeze in some sewing.  Another pencil roll for a birthday gift.  Some toy sacks to tidy the lego and baby toys (and one for another birthday gift).

I also made some pirate pants for Kelvin's pirate party (as well as a pirate sash).  I used the Sewing for Boys Kickin' Back Sweats pattern.  It's a fabulous pattern since it only has two pieces!!  I must admit, that I wasn't that enamoured with this book when it arrived but I have changed my mind since and have cut out several more pairs of pants to sew for Kelvin!

I have been knitting too and once I've finished my Common Ground Cardi I have grand plans to knit myself a Coastal Hoodie using this...
Bendigo Woollen Mills, Classic 5 ply
It's going to be a hard slog swapping from 12 ply knitting to 5 ply!


Jane said...

You are a machine, Ange! How you've managed to accomplish all this with a newborn and two littlies is astounding. Full credit to you, my friend! J x

Sarah said...

Look at those great piccys - you even made that cake!!!

far out

and he is growing. georgeous!

Happy knitting. I plan to do a cardi this summer. Lets hope I actually finish it by autumn!

Maggie said...

If only it was possible to knit while holding a sleeping baby!
That coastal hoodie looks cool, and what an amazing pirate ship cake.

Sally said...

WOW. You sure have been keeping busy. Looks like all is going really well for you all. I am so glad. I suppose it is that family pirate attitude ;)