Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quilt Top for Kelvo + Liam is 4 months!

The WIP Quilt-along has been just the right kick up the backside that I've needed to get out some of my half-done quilt projects!

First cab off the rank was Kelvin's Quilt Top that has been in bits all over my sewing room for more than a year.  It is a brick path quilt (loosely based on the Amy Butler one) with an added panel featuring the beautiful zoology fabric.

I think it'll look great with dark brown binding - to really pull everything together.

I've partially pieced a back and just need to add the border and find some backing fabric to finish this one.  And then it'll be lots of straightline machine quilting before popping it on his bed!

And so that my third child doesn't have recourse for being neglected!  Here's his 4 month photo (only a couple of weeks late)!


Sarah said...

Awwww look at that C.U.T.Eeeeeee!

Good stuff for getting to to that quilt. I am worknig on a Cvil War piece quilt - very different with out serious stitching stuff (if you do not include needle turn on two of them...)

Sally said...

It is ridiculous how fast the time is racing by. My little boy is five months old and rolling every where. I just want to scream STOP! SLOW DOWN!!!

Liam is adorable. What a happy chap.

Loving the colours in the quilt top. That's a big project you've undertaken.

Jane said...

Oh Ange! How you're managing to fit in quilting amazes me. And Liam's adorable. What a gorgeous smile. When life has calmed down, I am really looking forward to meeting him. J x