Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look what I read about...

...I have copied this idea for a post directly from Splitting Stitches! But there are plenty of giveaways and bargains out there that I want to share.

Firstly, Fiona over at Mother's Cupboard is having a sale in her shop and a giveaway to celebrate. Go check her out at

Also, you can win the bits and bobs for a quilt top, some already sewn, most already cut out at - half the work already done for you if you win!

I've also been checking out the Spin Spin shop and blog - I wish I was this clever (or i could resign myself to the fact that I work hard enough and earn enough to buy this stuff)!

Oh, and Sandra is having a giveaway at Pepperberry & Co. - gorgeous handmade cards!