Monday, September 14, 2009

A visit from Grandma!

We have had a lovely few days with my grandma visiting us from Devonport. She came down on the bus and we spent five fun days with her tagging along with our usual stuff.
We went down to the Tahune Airwalk and had a lovely time wandering amoungst the trees. She and my grandfather were avid bushwalkers but Grandma broke her hip a couple of years ago and it has slowed her down a bit.

We also spent a morning playing at the West Hobart Train Park, wandered around the shops before lunching in Salamanca Square and generally had a lovely time.

I think it's great that my kids get to hang out with a lady who is nearly 90! My grandma is hopeless with names and spent the whole time calling Matilda "Angela" - to which she politely replied "I'm not Angela, I'm Matilda!". After the five days Matilda was just answering to Angela - even at 3 years old you can work out when it's just not worth it!

Kelvin was also 11 months old during the week. He and Grandma had a wonderful time together - chatting to each other and just hanging out. I can see how raising children in a house full of extended family might work. The oldies would hang-out and play with the littlies, singing to them, chatting with them - not having to worry much about the running of the household.It was lovely having Grandma to stay - life gets a bit lonely for her since my Grandad died five years ago and I'm glad we made the effort to catch up. However, she was staying in the spare room (aka my crafting space) so I'm itching to get back in there!

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