Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Day 11 - Making Christmas Cards

Matilda is going through a very prolific period with her painting. I thought it would be good to use some of these in my Christmas cards this year (as I'm not sure what else to do with them).

So, last night I cut out 50+ Christmas trees from some of Matilda's artwork - ready for some serious gluing today!

Matilda loved it - gluing away to her hearts content. It felt a little bit like I was exploiting her (child labour) but she was loving it so much, who was I to deny her the pleasure!!
I even offered at one stage to do the stars whilst she did the trees but she'd have none of it.

She finished about half of them before Playschool started this morning and I finished the rest (with a bit of 3-year old adhocery).

I like them and hope that my friends will too! Another task off my Christmas to-do list.


Marita said...

The cards are lovely, I did something similar with my daughter, although after 10 cards or so, I did feel like I was exploiting child labour. Just wanted to let you know I'm making lolly holly this year, what a great idea and thanks for your tute.

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Thats a cool idea - maybe the boys can make cards for me next year!!

humel said...

Oh, fab - they look great, and I'm sure she had a fun time and didn't feel exploited at all!