Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Day 2 - Overwhelmed Already!

I'm feeling overwhelmed by Christmas already!

I have spent this evening putting the kids to bed, doing the grocery shopping, cooking savoury toast for Matilda's music break-up party tomorrow morning, making Baileys & White Chocolate fudge for the music teacher and the beginnings of Banoffee Pie for our regular Thursday family dinner tomorrow night.

And now, I'm off to tidy the sewing room and change the sheets on the guest bed as the Mother-in-Law is coming to stay tomorrow night.

How is it that I can forget that December is coming and two days in feel so busy with everything that needs to be done! Oh well, it'll be over soon enough and it'll be summer and we'll be on holidays and all will be well with the world...


humel said...

Baileys and White Chocolate fudge??? YUM!!!

Corrie said...

that's what I have to do when we have guests, tidy up the sewing room and make it look respectable and always get the vac out for the threads on the carpet!

wow that fudge sounds good. I gain weight over christmas because the baking starts favourites are rocky road and rum balls, you can never have too many rum balls!