Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas done for another year!

I took the Christmas tree down tonight once the kids were in bed. Despite my bahumbuggedness about Christmas this year we did enjoy ourselves on the day.

Celebrations started with a Secret Santa morning tea at my work on Christmas Eve. The kids dressed in their Santa hats and Christmas t-shirts to get into the spirit of things! I was given four "Flat Fat" quarters so a great present, and my Secret Santa recipient was overheard saying "That would have to be the best Secret Santa present ever!" which made me secretly very happy.
We headed up to Uncle Tim's in the afternoon and settled in for the night after enduring 2+ hours of non-stop questioning and singing from the girl during the drive! Both Kelvin and the dog had a tangle with Tim's cat and K has battle scras to prove it (maybe in a seperate post). The kids went to sleep pretty well considering the excitment of Santa's pending deliveries (and Matilda worrying that she might be be woken by the jolly mans "Ho, Ho, Ho - Merry Christmas"ing!).

Mum had to work in the afternoon so my brother hosted brunch which was great - egg and bacon wraps, mini fritatta, stuffed french toast, fruit, banana cake and mini banoffee pies!
A great day was had by all (as you can see below)!
And we drove home after dinner. The kids (and the dog) fell asleep about half an hour in and therefore we drove for 1.5 hours question free and we didn't have to listen to any more Justine Clark / Georgie Parker / Jai Lagaia and got to sleep in our own beds - perfect end to Christmas Day!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

yay for kids falling asleep in cars - Henry is the only one that will do that now and even then he fights it the whole time!!
That xmas breakfast looks delicious!

GemmaJoy said...

that is the cutest photo!! All 3 of them asleep woohoo

Marita said...

Thanks for picking me as a winner! I have to admit I did use your idea to get kudos from the teachers. Hope you're enjoying the break and a happy new year!

humel said...

Hiya Ange, sorry I've not been over in a while but it's been fun catching up :-) Your Christmas look so different from ours!! And right now we have heavy snow! Interesting comparison :-)

All the best for 2010 xx