Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pre-school Paper Making!

Last week our usual Mum's Group catch-up day was looking a but wet to go to a playground so we decided to have lunch at our place and make some paper!

Kelvin using the paper-making deckle in a tub of paper pulp.

Paper making is not a spontaneous activity to do with kids - you need to rip up and soak the scrap paper overnight.
Drying the paper on the windows - we'd run out of other options!!
It worked really well for a nice smooth writing surface.

And it's also a bit messy!  But that's all part of the appeal I think.  We made the paper with used white office paper and we added some glittery rainbow sparkles for that little extra pizzazz.  And we also tried embossing some of the sheets using alphabet stamps!

Drying more sheets of paper.

And at one stage there were 10 kids under five years joining in the making!!  But it was worth it - we ended up with lovely textured paper to draw on or just play with! And I had all the papermaking gear from decades ago when I made the paper for my own wedding invitations, plus Sarah bought her gear too.

And about half of our paper production - enough for a little book perhaps?


Melinda said...

Where do you get all your energy from? LOL

Jane said...

What a fantastic idea, Ange! I think we'll have to try that with the pixies. Thanks for the idea. Are there any other tips I need to know? J x

Jo in TAS said...

Oh that would have been heaps of fun and what a great result too!

Sarah said...

You are awesome!

Allana said...

What a great activity! I have been wanting to do this with Ella for awhile, must get some gear sorted! :)