Sunday, March 27, 2011

Productive Autumn Afternoon

I managed a few hours in the sewing room yesterday.

I managed to applique some cool fabric (mainly scraps that I have been lucky enough to win in various blogland giveaways over the last year).  I've had these t-shirts for more than 6 months waiting for some tizzying up - and Matilda told me that they were all pretty which I think is a good thing!

And I found some Far Far Away II fabric in my stash that arrived as part of a scrap pack purchase at Hawthorn Threads (I love these scrap packs - they're great way to get all sorts of different fabrics without having to think too hard about it.  And it suits the kind of crafting that I do, making bits and bobs for kids birthday gifts, small skirts, etc).

I had two quite small pieces of fabric so decided to make a skirt very loosely based on the Oliver+S Lazy Days skirt.  I ended up adding a waistband and doubled up some fabric for the hem.  It's still a bit big for Matilda but that's probably not a bad thing - we were just gifted with the hugest bag of hand-me-downs and she wants to wear them all today!!

I really loved sewing with the Heather Ross linen-like fabric and it would make fabulous trousers as well! I'm tempted to get some more to play with but should probably focus on using what I have rather than buying more.

My sister-in-law was also busy yesterday!  My newest nephew arrived yesterday afternoon about 8 weeks early.  Both mum and baby doing well so far but it will be a while before the little guy gets home.  I've been wondering whether there is anything I can make for them whilst in hospital.  I was thinking it might be nice to make clothes for the baby out of some of mum and dad's old t-shirts so that the little guys still feels close to his parents whilst hanging in the humidicrib - but when do they start wearing clothes, and what size are they, and can they still smell with a nasal-gastric tube in?

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday morning!


Sarah said...

Love love love Tilda's new skirt Ange, I've been gazing longingly at that Far Far Away range, but I've promised myself not to buy any more fabric until I've used up some of my stash. A scrap pack would be ok though wouldn't it? The style looks similar to the Courtney made one I bought at the market yesterday - lovely big wide contrast band at the hem.

Congratulations on your new nephew - relieved to hear both are ok.

I'm making tomato sauce today - my first attempt. I hope it works out!

Sarah said...

Hey Ang,

Great work on the T!

8 weeks early - they are very little. Yes they can smell past their nasogastric tube. USually we dont dress the babys when they are really little and in the humi cribs. NOt till they are 'fattening up' and in the 'water beds/cribs do we start dressing them. They are SMALL as in 0000 or 00000 small!!!!!

Hope you are keeping well : o )

Happybee said...

wow!!! your work likes gorgeous!!!!!
and congrats to your new nephew and his Mom!!!