Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Amusements

Friday's round out a busy week for us.  We have swimming lessons in the morning and both kids are pretty exhausted after lunch after 1.5 hours swimming at the pool.  Matilda has gone from a gremlin (scared of getting her head wet) to a real mermaid and is loving duck diving for things off the bottom of the pool and swimming without floaties, or a board or a mum or a dad!  Kelvin has always loved the water but today he had a go at swimming in our 'playtime' between lessons.  He was popping his face in the water, kicking his feet up and gliding to me.

So after lunch, we tend to have some quiet time (and I often find myself asleep on the couch whilst the kids watch Playschool - but that's another story).  However, today they haven't really wanted the TV on (which is a welcome relief from the guilt of too much TV, but also, when am I going to sneak in my afternoon snooze?).  Kelvin has discovered scissors and can keep himself entertained for the best part of an hour!

He cuts the heads off paper dolls...

...makes 'feathers'...
...and a lot of mess!!

Matilda has also been loving learning her letters at school. She wrote herself a book today, about Clever Cat (the letter 'c') and another book about someone asleep (which includes some funny images of people waking up surprised and yawning)!


Jane said...

What gorgeous photos, Ange. My, they're growing up quickly, learning all those new skills. Swimming and using scissors are such huge milestones. I'm most impressed. J x

Sarah said...

Look at that focus on Kelvin's face! The floor looks a bit like ours these days - Griff's doing exactly the same thing with scissors lately. I'm so impressed that he swam today - amazing! And it is lovely to see Tilds enjoying herself with so much freedom in the water.

I'm so tired I can barely walk this evening. I think I overdid it yesterday pushing the trike and carrying griff on my back home from Soundy Park. I feel about 80 and could use a walking stick.