Sunday, April 3, 2011

Power Plant

Tassie is in the middle of the Ten Days on the Island Festival.

One of the events is Power Plant.  We rugged up and went last night and enjoyed exploring the Botanical Gardens after dark!  Matilda was "so excited" as we walked from the car to the gates.

One of the highlights was seeing a possum trying to relax in a green illuminated pine tree whilst we were waiting to get in.
Possum not shown.
Kelvin loved the snail kaleidoscope, and Matilda loved the illuminated garden of dresses.  Trev would have had aliens leaping out at visitors in the Conservatory and the flames shooting out of the Duck Pond were a highlight for us all. 

Unfortunately no flash photography or tripods were allowed so I can only share my blurry massively long shutter speed photos!!
Although we had an early entry we didn't get home until 9:30pm and the kids were shattered (as was I).  We'd had the forethought to change nappies in the back of the car.  The kids fell asleep on the way home and were transferred to safe warm beds and slept the night away in their clothes!

And Power Plant is a travelling show, so if the show comes to a Botanical Gardens near you - think about taking the smalls, it's good fun for everyone!!


Sarah said...

Good to hear you enjoyed it... We are going this Friday!

Sarah said...

Sounds (and looks) amazing! We planned to go but we've just been too busy.