Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fleetsuits and Unexpected Autumn Sunshine

I have finished another three of these preemie nighties - now known as Fleetsuits (because they are sleep suits for Fleetwood). He is about to crack 2kg and will soon be able to fit into store bought clothing - but in the meantime he's happily clothed in his auntie-made haute couture!!

People have been asking his mum where they can buy these!! Which is a lovely compliment, but there don't seem to be enough hours in the day for everything as it is - although there is certainly the desire to one day get my act together and have a market stall or shop!

After a week of solid rain it has been lovely to get outside and potter.
Whilst I was hanging out some clothes (and clearing out the backlog from the "Chinese-laundry") Kelvin discovered a bucket of rain water and played for nearly an hour with the water, an off-cut of wood, some fallen leaves and a tomato stake!! 

There were whales, sharks, swimming lessons and seesaws (amongst other things) happening in his big imagination! So delightful to observe.


Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

Cute Fleetsuits, Ange! Glad to hear he's gaining weight - my fave baby weight is about 2.5kg, such a sweet little bundle at that size.

Sarah said...

I know finally nice to have some reprieve and some SUN!

Mini baby clothes are HARD to find - usually the internet... You have done VERY well.

Ellieboo said...

I hear you Ange - it is my mind to start a little Made It store too and I even had it on my to do list this week. But time as usual ran out. Hope you get there one day....I am going to try again after Easter.