Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tea Leaves and Bruschetta!

I have really enjoyed my last couple of weeks away from work.

I have played at being the good "school mum", walking my daughter to and from school, meeting the teacher and other parents and all that starting school involves.

I have had time to sew all the things I have promised the childcare centre (two big sheer curtains for an indoor gazebo they have) and even took a couple of the worse-for-wear dress-ups home from kinder to fix!

My sewing space is still as disorganised as when I started my holidays!!  I'll get to it one of these days.

I have done lots of cooking (some of which has been described as "disgusting" by my daughter - at least Trev has appreciated it).  We've visited the local farmers market for the first time and I have some yummy leeks to cook and delicious pink-eye potatoes to eat with butter and mint.

Autumn has hit Hobart in a big way - and we're only 2 days in.  I really want to knit!  So I've found the correct needles and am about to cast on a Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan for Matilda.  And maybe enjoy a cuppa and some chocolate cake before the childcare pick-up!!

I also picked some more of our tomatoes from the garden.  I'm hoping we get some more sunny weather soon, otherwise it'll be green tomato chutney central at our place!!  I think Trev and I'll have some bruschetta as an entree to dinner tonight.  I'm also planning on making this too (with home-grown zucchini received from a friend).


Jo in TAS said...

All of our tomoatoes are still green! Rissotto is Lachlan's "YUK" food but I love it so I make him suffer every now and again!
Nothing's changed at work so keep enjoying your time off

Sarah said...

Your tomatoes look amazingly ripe - ours are all starting to ripen (slowly) and I now follow Peter Cundall's advice of bringing them inside as soon as they show the tiniest hint of orange - they actually ripen really well off the vine.

Love the yarn for Tilds' cardi. Lovely. And aren't you the best mum - sewing for childcare and mending for kinder!

Hope you enjoyed your bruschetta - we made some for lunch on the weekend, with goats curd. mmmm.

angelina said...

hi , what's the knitting pattern? looks gorgeous.. yes we heard summer was officially over in tassie, oh well. hope it was a good summer for you all. x