Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Searching for the Perfect Nappy Bag

The nappy bag has been the bain of my existence as a mother.  I have never been able to find one I like.  They either too big, too small, too overpriced, too many pockets, too few pockets, wrong colour, or wrong something!

When I had Matilda I bought a Kathmandu messenger bag to use as a nappy bag.  It was OK, we used it to carry stuff about in but it was pretty bulky (even when it was empty).

For Kelvin I again tried the Kathmandu messenger bag but very quickly gave up on it when I was trying to lug it, a toddler and a monster baby about the place.  I ended up swapping it for a $2 Betts Shoes bag!  That was after trying several other types of "proper" nappy bags without success.

So third time round you think I'd know what I want/need.  But I don't.  I have been following Anna over at Noodlehead for a while and had purchased a couple of her bag patterns recently to try out - with the thought in mind that one of these bags might prove to be the ultimate nappy bag!!

First I attempted the Go Anywhere Tote - looks like it could work well with seperate pockets on the outside for mum-stuff (so keys, wallet, phone don't get lost in the tardis that can be the inside of a nappy bag) and heaps of room inside for baby-stuff.  If this proves to be a good bag then I may re-make it in more "me" colours.

And then I tried the 241 Tote - which I love!  It's not huge but it's not small.  I think I much prefer my fabric choices for this one - much more me.  It is pretty roomy inside, has only one strap and some great pockets on the outside for mum-stuff!  I think I'll definitely be making more of these - and I would really like to try out the zipper pocket version (for added security for phones and keys etc).

And after all that, you'd think I was bag-obsessed.  I'm actually the total opposite!  Until 18 months ago I didn't own a proper leather handbag - I had a canvas Kathmandu travel pouch/bag that I'd been using since we moved to London in 2002.  I think I prefer practical to pretty.

Please tell me if you absolutely adored or absolutely loathed your nappy bag.  If you loved it - what kind was it, I may still be bitching and moaning about nappy bags this time next year!!


Jane said...

Hi Ange My Oi Oi messenger bag has worked a treat for us with the 3 pixies. My friend Ashleigh vlogged about her recent purchase here (http://blog.mmisforme.com.au/2011/09/06/vanchi-vlog-me-and-my-nappy-bag/) and that one sounded good. J x

Sally said...

Oh... all the stuff one needs to lug with them when they have a new baby. I'd forgotten! ...and while I take the bare minimum now (in stark contrast to what I was like with my first child) there is still so much stuff! + water bottles for older two siblings + my stuff + the toy that the 2yr old refused to leave the house without... + the rocks the 4yrs old found on the ground and now must take with him... yarda yarda yarda... me thinks I need to sew myself a bag too!!!

Sally said...

Oh NO! I forgot to tell you how great your bags look. Both of them are great. I like your fabric choices for both.

Maggie said...

I'm glad not to have to lug so much stuff around now that one or two extra nappies will do. I refused to buy a 'nappy bag' and just bought a bigger handbag. I did find that it would get heavy after awhile because I was baby wearing and so didn't have a pram to hang it off.
Good luck with it. I thought of getting the pattern for the second bag, those pockets on the front are cool.

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