Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yellow Sandbox Pants

My sister-in-law and her family relocated to Hobart today.  We owe our nephew/cousin a 2nd Birthday present and apparently he's been asking for yellow trousers for a while.

What's a crafty auntie to do?

Whip up a pair of Oliver+S Sandbox pants in yellow drill, of course!

It wouldn't be my colour choice but then again who am I to question the desires of a 2 year old!!
Perfect buttons in my stash!
Unfortunately the weather isn't that inviting but it is Hobart in the springtime.


bec said...

Cute! Lover those patterns. With a new bub on the way, are you thinking about getting her book? I'm sure you'll be busy enough anyway! How long to go?

Sarah said...

Hey CUTE pants... You are a GOOD Aunt : o )

Sally said...

That yellow is fantastic. What a brilliant Aunty you are. That nephew of yours will surely have an ear to ear grin when he sees those! Bravo!!!

Allana said...

Love them, they look fantastic and super practical too :)