Monday, September 19, 2011

Turtle Birthday Quilt

My mother-in-law had a significant birthday today and spent the weekend celebrating with family and friends.

I have been plotting and crafting for the last little while and managed to get a quilt together for her in some happy primary-ish colours (free pattern here).

I didn't attempt my own quilting on this one but instead the lovely Wendy at Lavender Blue Quilting did it for me - and it's fabulous!!

And I couldn't resist adding my own label!!


Melinda said...

I reckon your mil would just love it to death.

Sarah said...

That is such a great gift - well done - I think it will touch her heart and keep her warm.

Jane said...

That is so impressive, Ange - well done! I can see who I'll be calling on when I want ti start making a quilt for Sam ☺. J x

Jo in TAS said...

Looks fabulous Ange! Wendy does a beautiful job too!