Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Making for Girls

Trev is the eldest of a hoard of cousins - the youngest three cousins are still at school and the very youngest is only a couple of years older than Matilda.  We'll be seeing these cousins at Christmas and I don't like to do this empty handed so I have been sewing for the two girls.

I can recommend the Lil Cutie Pouch tutorial from Noodlehead's Anna - quick and easy to make and I think it'd be pretty useful to hold your house key, your phone and some lipgloss etc.
Red and pink for Emily (aged 14)
And then last week Oliver+S's Liesl posted about her handmade shoe laces.  Let's just say I have been in a shoelace making frenzy since I saw this - I've made a pair each for the cousins and another 8 pairs for the kids in our Mother's Group.  I made them 42" long which is long enough to put in your Dunlop Volleys and they would fit a pair of kids 5-hole lace-up boots. 
Blue and green for Nina (aged nearly 8)
I bought the washi tape for the aglets (the end of a shoelace) on-line from NoteMaker and was really impressed with their service, my package arrived in only a couple of days - which is a surprise when you live in Tassie!


Sarah said...

ow ow I like the idea of making shoe laces - good stuff!

Thanks for sharing : o )

Maxabella said...

Shoelaces! That is so clever! x

Maggie said...

what a great idea! love your pressies.

Sarah said...

i'm very impressed with the shoelaces (and their respective aglets!) Tempted to put them in my own sneakers he he.