Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was good this year, although I'm just starting to recover now (and it's been 3 days)!  I'm even considering a no-sew December for 2012 since it seemed to overwhelm me this year - although I do have to remind myself I have a 3 month old in the house and I'm not superwoman!!
My family came to have lunch at our place on Christmas Eve.

 And then we backed-it up with Christmas Lunch with Trev's extended family
Smile everyone!

And then an evening get together for ham toasties and left-over desserts at our place for his immediate family.
Toasties all round!
Handmade goodies were well received.  The "Pimp Your Vans/Volleys" shoelaces were a hit with the 14 year old.
Apparently "Vans" are popular with Melbourne schoolgirls and these shoelaces make them even cooler!!

And I finished Liam's Christmas Stocking at about 10pm on Christmas Eve.  I have IOU's for three others that are in various stages scattered about the sewing room!
Gotta love that face!  Sitting next to his Christmas Stocking which is bigger than he is!

So I hope you have all recovered from the celebrations and are sitting back, relaxing and enjoying some sunny summer weather (or snow if your on the other side)!

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Sarah said...

WOW you were BUSY!

We could not find the middle boys stocking - ARGH. I am not over upset as I wanted to do a Shepards Bush - to replace his other one so that is a plan for 2012 as well...

Love love love this time of the year : o )