Friday, December 2, 2011

What Book Today?

Our Christmas Countdown Book for today was Melrose and Croc a Christmas to Remember. I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway last year and it's a sweet book about a dog and a crocodile who feel lonely at Christmas time and crash into each other whilst ice skating and the illustrations are lovely and a little bit retro in their muted colours.
Melrose and Croc a Christmas to Remember

And our activity for today was "To have a photo with Santa"!  And we had a reasonably successful trip into the city.  We didn't have to queue for a photo, there weren't too many toilet stops required, the kids chose some lovely presents to give to their Wishing Tree recipient, and the big kids both chose new sandles for summer without too many tears from anyone (including me!).

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Sarah said...

That sounds like a successful day in town Ange! We love Melrose & Croc, and Emma Chichester Clark generally - the Blue Kangaroo books too. I've also located our Christmas books and they will arrive one by one too. Great idea!