Monday, August 10, 2009

Scrapbooking (both Happy and Sad)!

Lots of crafting happening in my head, just not a lot happening with my hands!

The kids have been sick, I have been sick but we're back into the swing of things today and hopefully winter will be over and the colds and flus will be but a distant memory (until next year).

I have been doing some scrapbooking lately. I had a couple of 'sad' scrapbook projects to complete. I am a Creative Memories consultant (as a hobbyist, not to make my millions!) and when one of Matilda's friends from childcare was killed in a car crash last month I was pleased to donate an album so that his friends and carers could put together a beautiful album of memories for his mum. Also, a friend of mine lost a baby boy at 23.5 weeks gestation - they have some beautiful photos of their little man so I put together a personalised baby record book for them. Even though it was pretty depressing putting these albums together it was quite theraputic at the same time (I just had to make sure no tears ended up on the pages - soggy scrapbooking is not a good idea!).

Therefore, it was really nice to get onto some baby record book projects for two other friends and their little girls (who are both now 3 months old). Annabelle got her book over the weekend and I'm just waiting 'til I get a chance to catch up with Nellie and her family - soon I hope.

I have picked up quite a lot of retro bedlinen at op shops over the last week so am keen to try and get onto some sewing. I'm also in love with these and can't wait to make some for my munchkins (and probably their friends)!

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