Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Santa Snacks in a Jar

Look what I've been making!

gif animation maker
Gif animation maker

I used a recipe from Bakerella for Cowboy Cookies in a jar and bought the Crispy Peppermint M&M's so they look rather festive.  I also made some labels which I'm happy to share with anyone who might be interested (just email me)!  And then I made about 15 of these for various childcarers and teachers in our lives.

I also had one of those lovely moments when I went to buy these 1 litre jars.  The wholesale jar shop would only sell orders of over $50 but there was another guy there wanting to buy some beer bottles so we combined our order and everyone was happy!  I love a happy coincident.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Ange - remember me next year to get more of these... I wanted to get some but there were no right size jars anywhere!!! Just thought I should have looked in K & D.

That photo film was awsome - way to go.

Hope you have a good Christmas and a relaxing break : o )