Thursday, December 30, 2010

Summer Holidays!

We had a great Christmas - lots of practice on the Rip Stik (renamed the Swizzle Stick by us)!

There was also some post lunch, pre-dessert cricket in the backyard too.

We headed up to Devonport for a night to catch up with my family and I forget what a beautiful part of the world my hometown is.

Running around my great-aunts amazing back garden.

Rock-hopping at The Bluff and poking sea anemone in the rock pools.

And then a night camping in the backyard at my brothers new home in Launceston and loving his indoor in-ground swimming pool.  My boy is definitely a waterbaby!!

Wishing you all the best for a Happy New Year - look forward to reading all about it in a few days!

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Sarah said...

Some beautiful photos there Ange. Looks like you're enjoying the holidays! Happy New Year to you too - looking forward to lots more fun and adventure with your gorgeous little family!