Monday, December 13, 2010

My Happy List

Kate has written her Happy List and then Sarah wrote hers and I've been thinking about mine all weekend! So here it is!

My silly family!
Kelvin's giggles when he's tickled or scared/excited or just plain funny.
Matilda's singing all day and night (with vibrato and all).
"All the Sing-a-lets, all the sing-a-lets, take out you're lets!" (sung to the tune of "All the Single Ladies"), picked up from childcare!
Having lovely friends we can hang out with, rely on, have fun with, plan our futures together, miss when we don't see them.
The wind down of activities ready for relaxed summer.
Sewing things that magically have all their seams hidden and look great.
Having time and space to spread out and sew (and a husband who tolerates the mess whilst it happens).
My placid, gentle, happy dog who spreads her affections far and wide, and a sister-in-law and mum who let her sleep on their bed when they stay!
The delight that comes when you make a wonderful op-shop discovery (and the horror on the faces around you when you say you're going to cut it up to make something else!).
Nice non-work related surprises on my desk when I get to work.
A great hair cut!
Nutting something out - like what to do my thesis on next year!
Our new Christmas lights.
Jokes with my collegues.
Turning off the TV and listening to music instead (and dancing around like silly duffers when the right song comes on)!
Singing with a great bunch of women, every week, without the kids, in my own head space, and coming away feeling lighter and recharged because of it.
Giving a handmade gift and people not believing you made it yourself!!
An unexpected sleep in.
Pottering in the garden.
The few moments of peace I get when I'm hanging out my washing.
Knowing that there is a world full of people who I can connect with and relate to because of blogging.
The fact we call farts "noisy bottoms" at our house and that Kelvin thinks pretend farts are hilarious.
The Amazing Race.
Having so many things to be ahppy about that I don't really know where to stop!

If you want to have a go of this yourself then please head over to Kate's blog and join her linky list!


Rosie said... the list. We obviously have lots in list be be very similar to yours... especially The Mazing Race and fart noises! I hope you and your family have a lovely and relaxed Christmas break.

Melinda said...

After watching Making Australia Happy on ABC this year, I think making a happy list is an excellent idea. I'm going to give some thought to my own list.

Kate said...

Your list gave me shivers up and down my arms Ange!
A wonderful and gorgeous and happy list indeed.
I hope your summer is so full of all this happiness.

Sarah said...

Great list Ange. So glad you got an unexpected sleep in - heaven. And I could almost hear Tilds singing away to herself while I read through you happy things. I love how many of your points are music related. Oops, just remembered I forgot to drop the wreath off! We did find the perfect tree - although now that it's in the room it has a definate lean, so I keep moving it about. Smells divine.

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

A really happy list,made me happy just reading it

Anonymous said...

What a lovely list. I don't hang out my washing but I experience that same moment of quiet when my class has left for the day and there is a hush in the classroom. Ah, lovely.