Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peek-a-boo Bags For All!

So I'm totally addicted to making these peek-a-boo bags!  Toni has a great tutorial over on her blog if you want to make a little bag to store all those Mr Potatohead pieces or the Duplo blocks or your Barbie and her gear (I'm going to be making another stack of these for my kids - but not before Christmas)!

Here's one for a friends little boy (old mattress cover for the lining and "Truck Stop" for the outer).
One for D who is going to be a train driver (if he's unable to find work as a cowboy).  Again, an old mattress cover for the lining and the outer has concentric trains on it!
 This would be my favourite!  For R, made from retro pillowcase (my brother had the same sheet set growing up) and the mattress cover for lining.
 For little A, outer fabric from Spotlight and the lining was an oppie find.
For Z, outer is Freebird by MoMo and the lining is an old pillowcase.
 Another of my favourites, for G with bubushkas for the outer and a retro sheet cut up for lining.
 For R, random red bird quilting cotton and an old pillowcase for lining.
 And for J, robot quilting cotton and retro pillowcase for lining.
 And for little G, some chambray from my stash and more "Truck Stop" for the outer but in a different colourway!
I have also made two others for the bigger cousins!  So that makes 11 to date and I have a few more cut out for sewing at my leisure after Christmas - including a couple in Christmas fabrics to help store the decorations when they eventually come down.

I love how great this project is for using all those odd bits of fabric you buy but have no plans for.  I also love how great the retro sheeting looks as lining but have been chuckling to myself that I'm cutting up perfectly good pillowcases to make something that is essentially a lined pillowcase with a window on it!

Merry Christmas to anyone who's read this far!  I hope that you get all your making done at a reasonable hour, manage a good few hours of sleep and enjoy the delight of having family around you.


Rosie said...

Hi Ange,
have a fabulous Christmas with your lovely family. My brother had a bed set in the alphabet fabric in the third image. Don't you just love vintage fabrics?

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

They are very cute. What a great idea.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Sarah said...

Those are great bags - well done!

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well : o )

Sarah said...

Ange, I'm so glad I got to see them all on your blog, they're just gorgeous. I love them all. I do hope D manages to find work as a cowboy LOL!

I've just finished wrapping and am about to collapse into bed. Have a lovely day tomorrow, x s

Wendy said...

thanks for sharing these, they are fantastic! I've bookmarked the link

green tea and red nails said...

oh these are wonderful! very handy and pretty :)

kel x