Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another weekend of fun and sun!

We have had a pretty cruisy weekend which started on Friday night with free tickets to the biggest event Hobart has seen for a while - the opening party for MONA (but we still haven't seen inside the museum).  Apart from pottering in the garden and playing on the swingset we were invited to a celebration, have helped family move closer and generally enjoyed each others company.

Happy 2nd Birthday Oesch!

And this afternoon we went to the local Transport Museum for a wander.  I think I have a couple of firefighters in training (Matilda has been doing "Stop, Drop, Rock n Roll" the newly written musical number ever since we came home).

Or perhaps Matilda could become a farmer Farmer's wife* - she's a dab-hand on the tractor!

* It was pointed out to me that saying my daughter could only be the wife of a farmer could be a bit limiting. This was not intended, I know that my daughter can be anything that she wants and dreams of being. She has just finished telling all the boys at childcare that she can be a builder when she grows up (if she wants to)!

I also had to giggle at the Second Class Ladies compartment!

And Climax, the very large piston!!


Jane said...

Ah, cool photos, Ange! Do tell how the party was - it sounds like it was quite an extravagant affair. J x

Sarah said...

That's it. We've got to go to the transport museum! Thanks for taking that gorgeous photo of Oeschy. It's a winner!

Sarah said...

Been avoiding taking the boys there - but think maybe I should this holidays...

You got tickets - woo hoo. I will take the boys before school to have a look at MOna - might be selective where we go...