Monday, January 31, 2011

Camping with the Kids

We went camping on the weekend.

I have no photographic evidence because my little pocket-camera has gone "kapoot" and is no longer able to zoom.

We camped at Dover - it was lovely.

In the morning we swan in the thermal pool at Hastings - also lovely.

What wasn't lovely was forgetting to take a pillow, not having enough room to sleep (TIP: two pre-schoolers do not equate to one adult therefore the three-man tent wasn't sufficiently large for us all), and Kelvin literally bouncing off the walls of the tent before going to sleep 2 hours after going to bed!

It was a learning experience.  It was fun.  It may be some time before we do it again!!


Maggie said...

we tried out camping again for the first time since having Charlie last week. We went ok, but got chased out of town by tropical cyclone Bianca!

Emma Burgess said...

You made me smile Ange- I can see the bouncing from walls as I type. Little Molly doesn't need a tent for her bouncing at night! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Emma.