Friday, February 11, 2011

Penguin Parade

Last week we had a lovely picnic at Nutgrove Beach, but it wasn't any ordinary picnic - it was a Penguin Picnic!  It was one of the activities being run as part of the local Council Bushcare "Bush Kids" school holiday program.
Firstly the kids made some penguins in the shade of the pine trees, Kelvin seems pretty pleased with his little effort!
Kelvin with his penguin

And then we headed down to the beach - one of the hidden treasures of Hobart, with the most amazing views up the river toward the city.
A boat passing by!

We had our picnic before creating some sandy nests for our penguins...
A penguin lounging in its nest

And some face painting (that's a penguin in case you couldn't tell - see the little orange beak and feet)...
Penguin Matilda!

Kelvin getting in face painted.

And then we created ourselves a penguin hole and a special channel to guide them out of the river into their hole.  We also lined up all the penguins for their own special penguin parade.
Our penguin parade!

Very soon after this most of the kids had their trousers off and were up to their waists in the water.  A summer day in Hobart can provide some surprising moments of fun and frivolity with friends!


Sarah said...

I sae these programs and wondered if the boys should do some - and well it slipped by!

This session looks great. Love the face painting : o )

Tania said...

OK. That is an entirely hilarious way to spend a day at the beach. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Sarah said...

We loved it too Ange. I will definitely be getting organised for more Bush Kids fun next summer! Pith we left it so late!