Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You Have Plans?

I've taken 2 weeks leave from my part-time day job.  I'm claiming it's so that I can walk my daughter up to school for her first couple of weeks - she starts kinder in 4 sleeps (she keeps telling me)!  But really, I'm looking forward to having a few hours at home to myself.

I've borrowed a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman books from the library.  Worth hunting out if you're that way inclined!  I'm seriously going to try and teach myself the speedy method of knitting, and knitting in the round may be just what I need to overcome my inability to sew anything together.

I've also bought some Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury wool to attempt a couple of Tea Leaves cardigans - a tiny (for Tilda) and a massive (for me).  Everyone else seems to be churning these out (Kate, Tania, even the SouleMama!) - don't hold your breath waiting for mine!

I'm also going to sew lots, and tidy out the sewing room / guest room, cook delicious meals and make amazing packed lunches.  I know that these are grand plans - I might just end up in the hammock, reading a good book and snoozing where necessary.

Stay tuned!


Kate said...

Enjoy! I hope you do get lots of time to hang about and knit. Can't wait til you join the Tea Leaves gang.

Jane said...

Well, good for you, Ange! Pottering around like that sounds perfect. J x

Sally said...

Good luck with all your knitting ambitions!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful dilemma, knit/sew/cook up a frenzy, vs reading/snoozing. I'm sure that whatever you do, you'll do it well. Enjoy every (silent) minute!

Jo in TAS said...

Perfect day for knitting today!