Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wocka, wocka, wocka!

No, it's not Fozzie Bear!

Image from here

It's the sound of our homemade cardboard box helicopters!

Generally I get really frustrated with overpackaging, however, you've got to love when you order something and the box comes in another box and you're all feeling imaginative and you have masking tape on hand and a plan comes together (including the use of the kitchen broom - we rarely sweep our floors anyway - that's why we have a dog!!).

And the Leatherman Pocket Knife I was given for my 21st Birthday still makes a mean cut (for opening doors and removing box flaps)!!


Sarah said...

You are the coolest mum Ange. A helicopter making, daggy dancing, penguin burrow building, cool mum!

Sarah said...

Sorry - totally distracted by your amazing floor to ceiling windows and VIEW... Lucky you!

Joy said...

There's no better toy for a kid than a great big cardboard box!! And one each too .... even better :o)!!
What fun!!! :o)
Joy :o)