Friday, January 21, 2011

Auctions & Giveaway

I'm working full-time for the next couple of weeks so there has been little time and energy for blogging or crafting this week.

That's me at work, 6 years younger and trying to look sophistocated whilst standing on the side of the road!!
But I just wanted to pop in here to say - how amazing it is that we-bloggers-we have collectively raised $45,000 for the Queensland Flood Appeal.  Again, a huge thanks goes out to Toni and Carli for getting our butts into gear.

One of my auctions still has no bidders.  This photo box may not be the most exciting looking thing on the planet but my word it is useful.  I have one at home and it is fabulous for safely storing photos until you get a chance to put them into albums - and to be honest, I actually have two of these on the go for our photos because I have the best intentions in the world to put my photos into albums but life seems to take over.

Anyway, a big thank you to the generous souls out there who have bid on my other two auctions - vintage sheet layer cake and EQ7 software + book.

And, for anyone still reading this - my 200 post, half-way to 70 birthday giveaway is still open so go and leave a comment for your chance to win.

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Sarah said...

Oh I could have sworn I left a comment...

Thanks for taking such a darling photo of Oeschy, and I love the look of the transport museum - we must go there next time we're looking for something to do.

We'll be seeing you on Fridays for the boys swimming lessons! (just booked the last spot) You must think I'm such a copy cat.

Have a great week xx